Tortuga escapes …

… I’m back …

At our last post, we thought winter was over. Snow gone … a warming sun … robins chirping! However, the next morning brought 4 inches of the cool white stuff. Amazing!

Well, we’re tiny and we’re mobile. Perhaps it’s time to shake off the torpor and get back to basics. So … let’s grab a bite and head south.

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Back in January we visited the local community college and their culinary program. A special buffet brunch called out for a return visit … with the students preparing everything from scratch! Indescribably good was an original yellow squash curry-coconut soup. Do y’all have a university or college close by with a culinary program? Go and visit!!!

OK … we’re fed and it’s time to head south …

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We took a side visit to Crater Lake … saw the fog, and more snow.

But then …


We casino-camped on the way down to the SF Bay area …

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… stopping to stare at the locals as we meandered along …


… and relaxing in the springtime!

While we document what our type of tiny living looks like, we rarely discuss what the “traveling tortuga” type of tiny living is.

We are not nomads, nor tree huggers. We are not saving the world, nor saving up for grandiose adventures. We are not adventurers seeking to see or experience the whole wide world.

We are just regular working folks living the abundant life. Simply living well.

Early every year my driver ponders over this simple, tiny lifestyle … do we want to continue? The answer this year, again is: of course … not only is it incredibly stress-free, fulfilling and freeing … it’s just plain fun. We enjoy all of the benefits that the minimalists proclaim; we realize all of the favorable gains that the tiny home mavens tout; we experience all of the stress reduction that the simplicity crowd promises. Life is streamlined. Life is joyful.

… and when we need a change of weather, or scenery, it’s only the turn of the ignition key away.

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