Nosh with the Natives


Tortuga’s driver likes to browse the local markets for fresh goodies when in town. Fresh aromas and bright colors of flavorful produce abound on Irving Street … as well as the enticing products of the little stores offering baked thingies. We have a weakness for things baked!



While walking about, a hot pineapple bun with a slab of ice cold butter seemed to call out …


… and it was total goodness! This coconut treat seemed tempting too …


… and a few don tot (little custard pies) that we took to go.


We mustn’t no forget to include a bit of fruit in our diet …


All these sweet things.

We also enjoyed beef curry buns, gai bow, ha gow, sui mai, and countless dishes of fun (noodles), and bowls of jook. Black bean salmon, baby bok choy, gai lan, mango chicken, curry chicken, pork meatballs with black mushrooms. Dunn gai don, homemade zong, shrimp fried rice … and more!

Oh, and tofu fa (warm tofu flower) for dessert.

And a few caprese salads too! We love the west!!

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