Flee the 100’s …


It’s over 100 degrees F, or 37C to your northerners, and that’s a trifle warm for this tortuga. Coming down from the prairie to the city may mean some fun time picnicking in town … enjoying some sumptuous sandwiches (below a half pastrami and swiss at Domini’s) …


but it’s time to escape to some higher and cooler space!


Ahhh … the shade of trees cools us down as we climb higher.


And we head back from the regular roads, up and up we go.


Until we find cool breezes, sheltering trees, and uncrowded spaces. This is only a couple of hours out of town.


Looks like home! And here’s the view from the dining room (which is also the living room, depending on the time of day. Or, the office, depending on the workload).


The temperature has dropped 20 degrees, and the breezes are cool too. My driver is going to miss the sandwiches from Domini’s though …

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