Head for the Hills

Seems simple enough … when the temperature rises rapidly past 90 degrees, it’s time to head for cooler ground!18July031

And my driver agrees. Living in the PNW, there’s lots of options – some distant, some close. We chose close.


The magnificent mountains of the Cascades … complete with cascading waterfalls, is close. Ross Lake, surrounded by the high peaks of Hozomeen Mountain, Ruby Mountain, Desolation Peak, and glaciers on Jack Mountain is close. Just below Ross Lake is Diablo Lake … close.


Note … yes, the water is the color you see. Google tried to “fix” the color to a lake-like blue … reject!! The turquoise color comes from the rock sediment brought into the lake by surrounding glaciers.


We indeed did spend time in the hills. Cool evenings. Beautiful backyard views. Refreshing summer breezes. Quiet deep forests.


Just up the road …

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