Mechanicals …


Yes, my driver is taking care of the mechanical underpinnings of our home. Even though the fluffy clouds gather overhead, and summer warmth is the order of the day, home maintenance must be done.

Pictured above is a set of new batteries. Batteries of every kind do not flourish in the blazing heat as well as the freezing cold. Since we live and travel in all-seasons, we need to replace them every four to five years. The above are the hearty Trojan 6V variety, wired up to give us 12V at the switches. Note, we have a 5th battery up front as well, a 12V switchable for emergencies.

Next … shocks and springs!


We replaced the shocks all around with some nice stiff KYB MonoMax shocks … and the old 2500HD springs with 7+1 3500HD springs.

So, as we ramble off in the sunset, looking over fields of purple flowers, we can rest knowing our foundation is secure.



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