A Friday Afternoon on the Shores of Richardson Bay

Clinging to the hills, on the western side of Richardson Bay, is a community sitting on shoreline and hillsides.

Arriving by boat is the best way.

After landing, it is best to pause. The population here is around 7,200 folks. It’s November. The sun is warm, it’s breezy. Many cafes, with seating in the sun, are thriving. This is the time of the tourist!

Traveling tortuga knows that it’s best to walk through town, past “The Bar with No Name” (the sign says no dogs on the bar past 6pm … then what about a tortuga?)

A few steps beyond the tourist zone and voila: the dulcet tones of spoken Italian poured forth. There are fewer people here, and a place to rest. In the sun. And the espresso and teas are much better!

There was time to wander along the harbor …

… and time to watch the activity …

… and time to ponder about a Friday afternoon on the shores of Richardson Bay.

You might know it better as Sausalito California.

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