Consider …

Ah, we mused … “what’s around the bend?” That was two months ago … but we knew!

Exciting enterprises, vigorous ventures, joyful jobs! So a little morning tea to ponder the work ahead …

… and after some morning tea (brought to us by visitors from Nepal) we carried ourselves into town for a season of energetic but exhausting work! When in town, we eat out alot – and this trip was no exception.

Above is a little shop. Big burritos.

Neato Burrito: veggie curry or Thai, steak, or the “Mahaller”. Black beans, pork, pineapple, cabbage, chipotle and salsa, cheese and more. Or, just go down the food line and build your own.

On another day a Caprese type salad with strawberries, or a summer corn chowder with roasted turkey and avocado BLT …

… and on yet another day, perhaps the best pure sandwich in the world! This is at Domini’s, where everything comes with a bowl of fresh popped popcorn. Freshly prepared corned beef and fresh pastrami below on their deliciously soft sourdough … with a few hearty slabs of swiss cheese to keep the heart rate up.

Consider the work ahead … keep the fuel levels up for the upcoming stress …

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