Snowbirds at Home


Puzzled faces look at my driver when he says that he enjoys winter, out in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, the tiny home that we have chosen is not large. It is however warm, cozy, and movable. And our “backyards” are stunning.


Being fully connected via internet enables us to get all of our work done. The daylight hours are short … but the time is intensely peaceful! Some days we hike in the woods …

… from time to time we enjoy the prairie …


… and occasionally we’re down the road at the lake.


This is what snowbirds do at home.

In the evening we can bundle up and watch the light fade. A cup of steaming hot chocolate … a bowl of piping hot stew … and a time to consider the day gone by.



6 thoughts on “Snowbirds at Home

  1. I love the snow pictures but one of the reasons we have never purchased a home on the lake at home is because it looks so cold and unappealing to us in the winter. Your picture of the snowy areas on the other hand totally appeal to me and I am a little bit envious, especially around Christmas!

    1. Our winters are certainly cold … but the air is so crisp and fresh. We’re usually ready for the change from the languid aromatic fall air. It also brings adjustments in our routines … less time lounging outdoors, more time cozying up inside. Stews, soups, hot drinks instead of light repasts. More time talking, etc … you get the picture. And then there’s Christmas as well! Wow.

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