A Day at the Park

Joy. It’s everywhere in the little towns. We’re just on a road trip, and passing through when what do we see? Lots of people milling about, lots of shiny cars, tents everywhere with vendors selling their wares. It seems like the end of summer brings out those wonderful hobbyists who love cars – old cars, fast cars, unusual cars, shiny cars.

We were on the hunt for lunch … but instead, got an afternoon of relaxation and pure joy. This little town has about 1,900 residents and sits close to a lake … and is full of clear sky and sunshine today!


Something old …

Something new …

Something borrowed, something blue …

… (I’d like to borrow the one above for a spin around the neighborhood)!

Rows and rows of cars, trucks, motorcycles … and people laughing, eating, sharing their delight over a clear sunny day.

A day at the park indeed!

6 thoughts on “A Day at the Park

    1. It’s their annual Labor Day on the Grass car show … Sep 5-6 this year. Great fun … I guess they figure that in this town, everyone is already socially distanced …

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