Old Friends

As 2019 winter approached, so did the Marcus CiderFest … a time to cater to that inner desire for the taste of fresh apples and steaming hot treats early on a chilly morning! Break your overnight fast with a thick slice of ham, pancakes hot off the grill, gobs of freshly made applesauce, and endless just-squeezed apple cider.

Indulge. Celebrate the end of the harvest season and the coming of peaceful winter!

And check out old friends!

That’s our tiny home in the background … we didn’t have to far to walk.

Some of our younger friends above … older friends below.

Everyone had cleaned house and put on their Sunday best …

… and with great joy we visited each one!

The CiderFest Faire was in full force next door … booths of hand-crafted delights, rides for the littlest ones, home-made jams and jellies … and more. At noon a parade of bands and vehicles wound it’s way down the main street – amid cheers and applause from happy (and full) audience.

A great day of delight and joy in the countryside … and a fun time visiting those old friends …

4 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. So very cool! Love those old cars! You can tell they are so loved by their owners. A joy to see them and talk to their proud guardians. ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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