Fortine Montana, an unincorporated community of around 325 people, lies in the northeast corner of Montana, close to the Canadian border. Beautiful country: lakes, deep forests, layers and layers of high mountains (around 7,800 feet), over 80 miles of hiking and camping trails, lots of bears, cougars, moose … and more. Food? Well, there’s Jerry’s Bar … there’s the Meadow Creek Cafe (amazing pie, Thursday thru Sunday). It is an hour or more from any sizable city (although Eureka, 11 miles north, has a little over 1,000 folks).

BUT … tucked away we find a private place … a full, stunningly cared for, awesome private golf course! With its own airstrip (so that friends can fly in). What a surprise. Beyond this Tortuga’s imagination

While we only saw a portion of the course, Google maps shows the course carved out through the forest. Splendid. Amazing. Impressive … and beautiful almost beyond words!

“But wait, there’s one more thing …” said Apple’s Steve Jobs.

A full Stonehenge limestone replica on the course!

Obviously a considerable hazard to golfers. We did not find any lost golf balls though.

Again, “but wait …” there is indeed more. Much more.

The private airstrip is a private airport. It is the Crystal Lakes Resort Airport at the Stonehenge Air Museum and is for use by invitation only except in case of an emergency. And, the Stonehenge Air Museum is another surprise! An immaculate and fanciful collection, dedicated to vintage aircraft, all of which were flown in. The curator has intimate knowledge of the history, the recovery of these aircraft, anecdotes about the restoration … and is able to answer any question. A great storyteller as well.

How does one find such a place? There are no signs, and the museum is down a long and obscure road. Call for a reservation … wonderfully friendly folks will help …

4 thoughts on “Fanciful

    1. It was truly a stunning place … and all it takes is a phone call to get on their daily tour! They limit the tour size so that every question gets an answer (in the Air Museum), and so that those not up for the trek to Stonehenge can ride in golf carts. Superb in every way!

    2. Very unusual indeed! But, a great hazard if your golf ball landed in the middle!! Evidently the sun lines up with a crevice in the mountains behind on the summer solstice and produces a brief but glorious display.

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