After Work …

Even in the wild, there’s work to be done. My driver finished the tasks at hand, transmitted the results of the labor, and soaked up as much of the creekside rest as possible. But, it was the July 4th week, and a time to join in with brothers and sisters everywhere to celebrate the astounding place we live! Sooo … time to hit the road.


For fireworks, it seemed appropriate to venture to Grand Coulee Dam. Not only fireworks, but a laser light show too. An easy place to sit on the grass, enjoy the families gathering for the festivities. It was close to this sculpture “After Work” … “in honor to all those who worked on the Grand Coulee Dam”.


Grand Coulee Dam is the “largest power station in the US“. In the summer, they have a nightly laser light show … and we lounged on the grass to wait and see. As the evening light dimmed, the spillways on the dam opened … one by one … creating a white backdrop for the show.  The sound of roaring water, the coolness and sweet smell of fresh water pouring down wafted up to where we sat. All around us, families paused from their picnicking, ready to ooo and awe for the next hour!

The fireworks that followed were beyond description … launched from the top of the dam … with a finale of at least 20 huge, beautiful fireworks going off at once, all across the top of the dam. This is only one of their many events … this was called the “Festival of America”.

Well, amidst lots of laughter, applause and a great time of connection with the other picnickers, we headed up to the casino (right behind the park) for a midnight snack of fish n’ chips. Oh my … this was some of the best fish n’ chips my driver has ever had!

Then … only a block away, we parked in a series of city parking lots … with several other RV’s. Level parking, quiet and free.

A great celebration and remembrance of all that we have.

After that, what could be more American than a baseball game? So, tortuga ventured down the roadway for a bit …

… and we sat and enjoyed $1 hot dogs, $1 ice cream sandwiches as we waited for the stands to fill. Tickets were only $5 – is this a great country or what?



After many rounds of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, lots of between inning contests with kids playing games, lots of hands up for t-shirts being catapulted into the crowds, and of course way too many hot dogs … we retired to our tiny home.

After work. Summer fun. Simple fun.


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