Devil’s Gate to Devil’s Tower … it’s hot here!

This is the end of the SAGgin’ for us … Darcy, Sean, Darren and Nancy are done with their journey this year.  Many of those that we’ve met are continuing … be sure to follow them on their blogs (see yesterdays article for their addresses).  We’re turning north at Muddy Gap … the cyclists turn south from here.

Blue skies, sagebrush – it’s a classic western scene! Independence Rock in the distance.

This is an area where many of the old western migration routes overlapped … the California Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail and the Pony Express Route.  Emigrants had to be to “Independence Rock” by July 4 … or they shouldn’t continue for fear of winter.  From there, they had visual landmarks to follow: Devils Gate and Split Rock were among them.

Called “Devil’s Gate”, ya’all can just walk on through.

Next to the Mormon Handcart Historical Center on the Sun Ranch, the Gate and the Sweetwater River are here.  Yes, the water IS sweet (maybe because it’s over 100 degrees in the sun).

Is this the predecessor of the Truck Camper?

You can take these rigs out for a trail walk if you wish … kinda cool.  Makes you appreciate the TC’s of today!!

Well, we move on through Casper and up to Gillette on the back roads.  Lots of oil, gas and coal work going on … right along side of cattle grazing, people fishin’, and little towns thriving.  Gotta love Wyoming!!

Big time coal processing …

In Gillette there’s a great coal processing plant with tours – weekdays only.  Check this out if you’re in the vicinity.  And, dial up 93.3 “The Legend” for some classic country … this is a place ya’all could live!  We overnighted at the Gillette Walmart … with lots of other RV’s.  Great sleep, fantastic store with all kinds of fresh groceries, bakery … and lots of friendly westerners.

Just across the parking lot is the Main Bagle Co.  Always FRESH!  And always crowded … everybody goes here.  Sit inside or get ’em to go – but do not pass this by!  Breakfast steak, or with eggs, or lunch bagels (pastrami, humus, you name it).

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