Overnight in a Ghost Town

Whew … it’s afternoon and we’ve gotta catch our cycling crew!  Oh oh … there’s an incoming business call.  We’re approaching Beaver Rim (where we can see the Wind River Mountains – part of the Rockies), and signal is good.

What a view … and great signal too!

Wrapping our office calls up, we hit the road … it’s hot … there’s lots of sagebrush (and not much else) … we pass a ghost town – Jeffrey City … and hope to see our cyclists on the way to Muddy Gap.

In the distance is Split Rock …

Split Rock is one of the landmarks on the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the California Trail and the Pony Express route.  The Sweetwater River runs there – but whew, it sure is desolate here!

Long story short – we travelled to Muddy Gap (nada there – gas station and sagebrush), to Lamont (ditto – restaurant and sagebrush) – no cyclists, and it is relentlessly hot.  No signal either.  They have either dried in the withering heat and blown away, or hitched a ride into a real town another 40 miles away.  After looking back and forth, we head for the town.  Voila – as we near Rawlins, the phone rings.  They are back at the ghost town – Jeffrey City, huddled in a church basement!  Yay.

Tipped off by other cyclists, they found shelter in the rec room basement of a Baptist Church.

Jeffrey City is part of an area known as “Gas Hills”.  Uranium was discovered there in 1953 by a guy called Lucky Mac.  Jeffrey City was once named “Home on the Range”.  With the boom it expanded to well over 5000 people and got a new name.  Then, in the 1980’s, the uranium demand crashed, and so did Jeffrey City.  Everyone left, many taking their houses with them.  It’s now virtually a ghost town (just over 30 people).  A  church built in the early 80’s is now one of the few buildings still standing … and it has been a safe haven for those hardy cyclers going from coast to coast.  The church musters 12 brave souls on Sunday … 6 of which are the pastors family.  Please pray for them.

Our crew left in the morning after cleaning up the kitchen, and setting everything back in order.  The cyclists include:

Mike and Pat, riding a tandem … at http://montysgreatadventure.wordpress.com/

This is Monty from Vermont … having a great adventure indeed!

Ron and Shari, riding Bike Fridays at http://cyclingon.wordpress.com/

That’s them by the door … iPad and iPhone in full working order as they update their blog

Molly and Skip, sister and brother … at http://darrellscycleamerica.wordpress.com/

Early the next morning, always the biggest and best smiles!

And our very own riders, Darcy, Darren, Sean and Nancy pulling SAG duty.  Family!

Last out, first in … the speeders.

We’re not riders … but ya gotta love this sport.

Yup … the TC crew … up early, but not that early!

A big “thank you” to Pastor Brent … we hope we left everything in order!

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