Arrival at Devils Tower

Not far from Gillette, the tower looms large.  Our fears that it might be ordinary were quickly dispelled.

Looks like it will live up to expectations!
Oh yeah … this is a beauty …

After entry into the National Monument grounds, we find a great campground that is on the Bel Fourche River.  The river is not large … but the campsites are!  There’s also a KOA outside the grounds.

Get right up close …
… or closer.

Great uncrowded trails … or if you’re a climber, register and climb!  There are lots of great stories, including one about the guy who parachuted on top, but his descent rope missed the tower.  He stayed a few days until rescued (this was back in the last century).

This is a great area for tourism … close to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and other stuff.  We’re sightseeing and enjoying the summer in the countryside, …

Look … Devils Tower from a distance.

We pull off the road (in spots that only a TC can fit), have a spot of lunch, and take care of customer needs.  The roads in this area are uncluttered with great views and a comfortable country feel.  Cows are lazy and fat … little do they know!  The sounds of cattle lowing, birds calling, wind rustling are all you hear.  Thanks, Lord indeed.

Gotta love an office with a view …

After lunch respite, it’s down through the Black Hills and on to Mount Rushmore for the evening.

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