Early morning Easter

Nuthin’ like a sunrise Easter service!  Then, while it’s still veeerrry early, a spot of breakfast.  Well, wheeling the truck camper into Liberty Lake Washington, there’s a house that serves breakfast and lunch only – Barlows.  Beautiful house, just a block away from the big strip mall in LibLake … and it’s open!

A little espresso … a little breakfast too … awesome place!

We’ve only got the camera phone with us … but check it out.  Family owned, right next to the transit stop in a building that looks like a home. There’s a dining room area, and a coffee shop area … where you can also dine. Twin brothers usually operate the floor … a couple of guys with a fun loving sense of humor, and great attention to customers needs. Truly, this is like visiting family for breakfast. On the tables are baskets of reading glasses … yes, reading glasses! for our ever increasing population who need a little eye assistance – there they are, so that you can read without dragging out your own pair. Cute.

Next to the salt n pepper – a basket of reading glasses!

Well, tried the eggs Benedict – perfectly cooked, mild meats and subtle flavored sauce – oh, this is very very good. Also tried the German Sausage and eggs (not on the menu – ask for it) – again, everything perfectly cooked … all the flavors . Now, this is a MUST visit place – because the cooks know how to cook – the flavors are subtle instead of the over salted plates of overpowering flavored combinations that the whole restaurant world seems to be doing now (we just came from a few nights ago of Kobe beef burger with butter lettuce and avocado that was overpowered by blue cheese, masses of bacon and mustard sauces – whew).

Eggs Benedict – PERFECTLY cooked!

Now, after a night at the Post Falls Idaho Walmart (the one at the Washington border), or at Cabelas (next door), an early morning trip to Barlows has got to be on your trip plan!  Both the Wallys’ and Cabelas are parking lots with a view.  This is an amazing part of the Northwest!



One thought on “Early morning Easter

  1. i guess ill have to check that place out. been here for years and never knew it was there. thanks

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