A warm day in the snowy NW …

While April weather sometimes is a bit cool in the Northwest, a sunny day means the office goes to a new location.  Kettle Falls, Washington, is a tiny town by beautiful Lake Roosevelt.  As summer approaches, expect to enjoy watching boats of all kind laze across the lake.  Right out there in the middle of the lake (in this picture) is the site of Fort Colville (pronounced call-vul … NOT cole-vill). It’s under water now … flooded with the construction of Grand Coulee Dam in the 1940’s (along with Kettle Falls – the falls, not the town).  In extreme “draw-downs” of the lake, you can get a glimpse of where it was.

Lake Roosevelt taken from St. Paul’s Mission site

Got a shot from last year, when the office was parked in the shade of a hot summer day.  Cool and relaxing, and a quiet place to work!  Software designers (at least this one) need peaceful environments.

At St. Paul’s Mission … peaceful and quiet …

Lake Roosevelt is a National Recreation Area.  There are over 20 campgrounds dotted around the lake … very inexpensive: $5 for winter, $10 after May 1.  If you have the National “America the Beautiful Pass” or “Senior and Access Pass”, it’s half price.

Here’s another shot from last fall, when the only other people around were a camping Swiss family.  Lake Roosevelt is truly an office with a view location!

Lake Roosevelt – Gifford campground

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