It’s a Jeep thing …

Off to Pinehurst Idaho for “a Jeep thing.”   Interestingly, people in Jeep clubs are great environmentalists … nothing is left behind, and they stay on the country paths.  But let there be no mistake, the country paths go thru some brutal, muddy, uphill climbs!  As always, joining up with this crew means taking the office along.  Just outside of Pinehurst is a Walmart … a 24 hour number … and a great place to camp (on I90).  A great store, and a quiet nights rest before some mountain climbing.

Gotta start with a camp breakfast
Off to the hills …
“Air down” those tires … around 8 lbs.
Time to climb …
Thru mud, snow and …
Over hill and dale and … whatta surprise …
This calls for the big guys …
The reward … a view from the snowy heights!

Well, the office didn’t travel to the top … but this quiet scene was worth stepping out into the weather.

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