RC and me

R.C. Sproul is teaching in Seattle … something we don’t want to miss.  There’s still lots of work to be done, but off we go – 3 of us, to visit the Emerald City.  Registration and teaching starts early, so that means an even earlier start from Eastern Washington.

Nothing like an early start … no one else is on the highway!

Rolling over the Columbia River (over a big lake behind the Wanapum Dam … very windy all through the Gorge, here), and up the hill, we enter windmill country.

Windmill farms all across the ridge of the Gorge

And, hours later, we roll into Redmond area for registration.  It rains off and on, sunshine pokes through off and on … everything is green!

Peace indeed!

Conference is beyond expectation … RC Sproul, John MacArthur, Steven Lawson, Douglas Bond all present clear and concise teachings!  Then, in the huge parking lot, there are plug-ins for RV’s, and we join the overnighters.

A truck camper is soooo versatile! Plug in, do some work, cook some dinner, …

In the morning, still sleeping when others are arriving.  A spot of tea, a light breakfast, and it’s off to conference again.

Seattle morning … looking like rain, with possible sunshine.

Yup … another banner day … and here we are … RC and me.

Douglas Bond, RC, Mrs. Sproul … and moi.

Then, it’s time to return to work.  A stop at Jamba Juice for fuel, then the mobile office has to run.

Adios to the Emerald City …

Back over the mountains, and up through Snoqualmie Pass.

This isn’t a B&W shot … but the pass often seems to be without color.

After the pass, the weather turns clear and sunny … for the couple of hours of daylight left.  Kudos for the TC … always ready to go, and able to fulfill it’s part of being an office with a view!

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