Taking the office to church

Read an item about an RVer anxious to camp … they wondered if it’s OK to camp in the driveway.  You can check the responses here.  We believe you can camp (or work) anywhere.  So, yesterday we took the office to church … stayed after to do work (yes, we are still working with clients on a weekend software cutover.  It’s a total HIS cutover, and our part must work with the new system – everyone wants handholding during these types of installs).

A truck camper just fits in with everyone else.

And … after we get to worship, it’s back to work!

We’re online, checking data, monitoring client progress …

Working, and checking out the view.  Much better than a day in the cubical.  Then, in the late afternoon, the church had a fundraiser for teachers to go to Southern Sudan with Far Reaching Ministries.  Great fundraiser … everybody cooks their “specialty”, then it’s auctioned off (just a donation, really) … then everybody shares the stuff.

Oh my … chicken and beef enchiladas; chicken and Chinese sausage fried rice; seafood fried rice; cheesy beef corn bread upside-down; amazing homemade chicken salad sans – just like mom’s; quiche – several kinds; veggies with amazing spinach dip in a bread bowl; ham and cheese casserole – and chicken rice casseroles too!  Much more … and nothing was ordinary, every dish was spectacular.  But, what’s dinner without desserts?  Homemade peach pies; lemon bars; pineapple upside down cake; homemade cookies with choc chips and coconut and more; spectacular cupcakes with mounds of topping; chocolate/caramel/pecan cheesecake; strawberry cheesecake; strawberry and rhubarb pie … and of course, much more.

Stuffed tummies, then music too!

Espresso, chai, Italian sodas too … then a mix of young and old provide music to get us rockin’.

View from the office … after great worship … after accomplished work … after amazing food … after fine tunes … thank You Lord!!

I’ll say it again … it’s very good in a truck camper!  So, in answer to the question: “can I camp in my driveway?”, you bet.  Camp anywhere … enjoy what you’ve been given!

One thought on “Taking the office to church

  1. Camping! What a great subject. Camping is my absulote favorite thing to do when it is warm out. The biggest expense for me is usually the campsite, but this cost can be cut by finding a primitive campground or a cheaper campground. There have been so many great ideas laid out already but i do have to say that i disagree with cooking as much as possible before you leave. I love the experience of cooking while camping. We have our favorites that we like to make and the majority can all be made over the campfire. Breakfast burritos- scramble your eggs up in an old pot/pan over the fire do the same with sausage, peppers, etc. Tortillas can be heated using a marshmallow fork. Grab the cheese, salsa, and sour cream from the cooler and chow down.Instead of traditional smores i suggest using chocolate chip cookies with a toasted marshmallow sandwhiched in the middle. Don’t think of what you would usually make at home. Find special things that you can make just over a fire. This is something that has really made camping special to me since I was a child. No matter what happens during the trip you always have that favorite camping food to look forward to. Condiment packets from fast food restaurants work great for camping if it is just a couple people going.Remember you don’t need to bring EVERYTHING with you. Camping should be simpler than your home life and it should be fun/relaxing or whatever you are looking for in a camping experience. Camping is what you make of it. Dont forget a can opener if you are taking canned goods and dont leave the bread in the car (it will mold!)

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