Time to say goodbye

Projects come to completion … on time and under budget.  Even with a mobile office, and the greatest view in the world, one project completes and another bubbles to the top.  While the TC brings the office, home, and restaurant right along with you, the time comes when one must move inexorably onward and it’s that time now.  Oh, we like our SF Bay area clients, and we like their city – but the TC office needs a new view.

Stuffed full of ice cream, fresh pineapple and coconut, then topped with whipped creme ...

Perhaps a little treat is in order … and Crepe Temptations on Judah by 31st Avenue might just be the place. This place looks like the “Voodoo Donuts” of crepes.  Crepes filled with hamburgers or breakfast stuff … or ice cream treats.

We went late in the evening for an ice cream treat. Crepes are all done while you wait. The Pina Colada, with coconut ice cream, lots of pineapple, whipped cream and shaved coconut, was big enough for two, priced around $6. Great ice cream, lots of fruit and whipped cream – a magnificent way to celebrate!

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