A quick breakfast/brunch/lunch on a workday

Steamed, hot, chicken buns

This might be the best and cheapest lunch in the United States. Or it could be your breakfast … or maybe brunch.  Eat in, or eat it on the run.

The place is called Happy Bakery, the lunch is Gai Bow. That means “chicken bun” – and it’s 80 cents. Splurge and get two – but you’ll get full.

The bread is a steamed slightly sweet fresh tasting, melt in your mouth delight. Inside are huge chicken pieces with spices … moist, perfectly cooked, and lightly spiced. Not salty, but absolutely full of mild chicken flavor. Now, if you want, you can add to your lunch fare with other Dim Sum favorites: beef sui mai; veggie dumplings … look around and try things out. Everything is fresh, hot, and tasty!

This is just a block away from Golden Gate Park … walk on over. On Irving Street near 24th Avenue.  No English spoken here … just point at what you want.

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