The Balance of Power


Power up! This is a boring post about power … electric power for my driver. It all starts with an extra battery up front in his truck, which is separate from the battery for the truck (in the upper right hand corner).


It connects to the camper back here … see that plug in between the other batteries?


Yes, these other batteries are a pair of deep cycle 12v’s, wired in parallel, to provide lots of amp-hours for the camper! And I’m standing next to the switches that manage it all.


Over here, on the other side of the truck bed, sit a couple of 6V golf cart batteries wired in series (to take the voltage up to 12V). A flip of one of the switches above, and we have access to a bunch more amp-hours! This makes my driver happy!


Here’s how they sit in the truck bed … tucked away securely in space that is otherwise unused. All of these add up to approximately 450AH, enough to last a looong time. Happy driver, happy tortuga!

2 thoughts on “The Balance of Power

    1. I’m not sure I understand it either!!! But, as we use 12V for lights, for the water pump, for the heater fan (and lots of other things) … we’ve got to make sure that there is enough power to last for a long time. Any time we plug in, of course, everything gets recharged.

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