The Lost Coast

Back Roads ...
Back Roads …

Up the back roads to … the Lost Coast! The road, while paved (mostly), is perfect for a truck camper!



It’s an early morning climb, and we’re heading for a refreshing cuppa tea by the sea. Lots of seaside clouds and cool breezes … we’re hoping for a bit of sunshine eventually though.

Clear skies ahead, methinks ...
Clear skies ahead, methinks …
... and the locals come out to greet us!
… and the locals come out to greet us!

Hospitality at its best … a few inquisitive glances, then they’re back to their job … eating.


Just follow the road ...
Just follow the road …

The road is full of potholes, a little twisty, and it gets steep quick … but the biggest problem is focus! The mists and clouds and sun change the colors as we drive. The temptation is to abandon the drive and walk down.


... and the locals just take it all in ...
… and the locals just take it all in …

Another day in paradise for them. Here’s a few pics of their view of life. No comments necessary …






Yup ... homemade ... peach
Yup … homemade … peach

Yes we did work up an early morning appetite. We did get a cuppa tea. Also, we tucked into a peach pie for breakfast.

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