Meeting and Passing

When TC people get together, it’s time to eat, swap stories, plan events, talk about options on our rigs … just have good fun.

Line 'em up ...
Line ’em up …

The sun is shining and it’s time to hit the Sportsman Cafe and Lounge on Market … breakfast of hearty fare, served hot in huge proportions   Our fearless leader Rich eloquently outlines the upcoming events (trips to Glacier National Park, Grand Coulee, Schweitzer Ski Resort and more) as well as keeping us up-to-date on the health of the North America Truck Campers Owners Association (NATCOA).

Gotta love breakfast ...
Gotta love breakfast …

It looks like the photographer was so interested in the food that he didn’t even get everyone’s  picture.  Mea maxima culpa!!  It says somewhere: “There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil.”  We did.

And afterward?  Well, it’s time to check out a new truck, a flatbed mounted TC, and talk about a new Isuzu flatbed being built for a TC.  Yes, it’s another great day!

A fine day for camping (after breakfast, of course)
A fine day for camping (after breakfast, of course)

Well, gotta go – there’s camping to be done.  See ya next time …

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