Beachfront Properties

I’ve said it before, and I guess I have to say it again: winter camping rocks.  Beautiful choice locations with total privacy.  This particular campground is named Evans Campground.  It is another of those amazing sites on Lake Roosevelt – well-kept, nicely situated, open year around, inexpensive and with abundant facilities.  No hookups though, so bring your own water and electricity.    Many have RV dump stations (though unavailable in the winter).

Well, here we are continuing our winter camping excursion.  WiFi signal reaches here … which is important to those, like us, who work for a living over the internet.

Would you like an office here?
Would you like an office here?

As usual in the winter, there are many, many campsites available.  There is no one here.  Just us, on another private, groomed lot – surrounded by wildlife.

Yes, we'll take this spot, thank you.
Yes, we’ll take this spot, thank you.

Much of the snow has disappeared during the warmer days … but at night it’s below freezing.  Keep the heat on!

Here's the view from inside ...
Here’s the view from inside …

… and here’s what it is from outside.

The sun settles in the west.
The sun settles in the west.

Here we are at another beachfront property.  The usual high rent, $2.50 a night.  I guess we can live with that!  And, as is our habit, we get to look around and enjoy the magnificent sights …

... stunning reflections ...
… stunning reflections …
... settling suns ...
… settling suns …
... soaring hills ...
… soaring hills …

… and all of these just outside our doorway.  It is often very hard to get to work.  Imagine a steaming hot cuppa in one hand and a good book in the other … and nothing but time to enjoy them both.  Enjoy, relax, and don’t forget to be thankful.  And for sure, don’t forget to be thankful!

Every day, evening comes ...
Every day, evening comes …
Yup ... the view from inside the doorway.
Yup … the view from inside the doorway.

We don’t usually blog about sitting around the table with a candlelight dinner.  We don’t usually blog about talking, or playing cards while watching the sunset.  We don’t usually blog about praying and being grateful for all that we have.  But all those things are part of a great day.

One last look around.
One last look around.

Check it out (above) … there’s nobody else here!  Look at the playground to the right … there’s also a huge pavilion next to a cordoned swimming area.  Another huge play area (for youth and adults).  Put this on your summer/fall bucket list – for sure.

3 thoughts on “Beachfront Properties

  1. we are planning on going to a couple of those campgrounds in march. weekend trips. you are getting me excited about the thought of going.

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