Ah, Spring approaches …

I’ve said it before, and it is worth repeating: the two most feared words in the English language are: spring cleaning.  And it is time.  The fun of winter camping is over for this year.  Projects loom.

The first step is to unload the camper, get it ready for the projects to come.

The tarp is down, the saw horses ready ... the TC is off ...
The tarp is down, the saw horses ready … the TC is off …

Oh, it is a sad day – no camping for a couple of weeks.  But the prospect of getting all those projects done is appealing!  Let’s see, we’ve got ’em simple to not-so-simple.  Fridge and water heater service; addition of kitchen work-space; undo the panel beneath the holding tanks and add reflectix to the insulation/reseal; affix heating light to the dump valve area (and rewire); check passenger side seals (and reconstruct the ‘under-area’); add battery/update converter; add inverter and 12V outlet; add drawer under sink; add vent to circulate heat to holding tanks; and more!

Gotta clean and wax too!
Gotta clean and wax too!

Might build a couple of extra saw horses to keep everything steady while I crawl around underneath.  OK … let’s get busy!

2 thoughts on “Ah, Spring approaches …

  1. strange seeing your truck “naked”. we are heading to gifford campground this weekend, march 1-3. should still be nice and empty this time of year.

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