Winthrop – Day 2-1/2

After a stunning trip over the mountains on the North Cascades Highway (Highway 20), we arrive at Winthrop – a town completely restored to its authentic western characteristics.  Designed by a Leavenworth architect in 1972, when Highway 20 was completed, it captures the spirit of the Methow Valley from the 1800s.

The Methow Valley, and the lure of gold …
Get yer provisions here …

It’s here that our caravan split up … some to see Winthrop, some to see the Smoke Jumpers in action, and some on to Silverline Resort – our final destination for the day.

We stayed to visit Winthrop …
… to try the local desserts …
… such as ice cream too big for the cone …

Prices were good – not tourist prices.  People were genuine and just having a good time in the warm  autumn day.  Take a seat and relax …

Saddle up and take a load off.

Great deck, overlooking a mini-golf setup.  Absolutely wonderful soft-serve (30+ flavors of soft-serve … and I’m a true lover of the product … could’ve spent the rest of the day here!)  Many homemade ice creams – don’t pass this by!

Or a cuppa espresso, if that’s your pleasure …

Well, you get the idea.  All the buildings are rustic, and the sidewalks wooden.  I expected to hear Garrison Keillor on the radio.

You get the picture – this place has gone the extra mile to be authentic and just plain fun.  We could post lots more pictures – but this is a place you MUST visit.  For us, it’s off to the campsite to meet up with the rest of the crew …

It’s NATCOA time!



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