Clippin’ through the Green – Rally Day 2

Our caravan is indeed clippin’ through the green … under tree covered roads, leaves flying, the countryside beauty is breathtaking!  It’s a good thing we have a wagonmaster, or we’d all be wandering off, like a herd of cats … there is simply too much to see!  We skirt the Skagit River on up to Marblemount – the Gateway to the American Alps!

Stunning is too small a word …

Every turn, every climb presents a new and different view … a person could (and should) spend days here.  Our caravan stopped …

… and they all don’t fit in one picture.

This is the view from the top … or near the top anyway.

Many views are just like this …

The Thunder Creek watershed is fed by the Klawatti and Little Klawatti glaciers … and an amazing sight it is.

Then, the landscape changes …

On the east side, trees give way to rocky pinnacles – with a special beauty of its own.

A group picture!

Next stop – Winthrop, and the Methow Valley.

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