Sam Hill and Maryhill

“What in the Sam Hill” has nothing to do with Samuel Hill who lived in Maryhill WA in the early 1900’s.  This Sam Hill was a Quaker who amassed a considerable amount of money in railroading … then became a considerable force in road building in the Pacific Northwest.  The amazing Columbia Gorge Highway is his creation.  Several monuments including the Peace Arch in Blaine are his.  Anyway, crossing the bridge at Biggs, Oregon over to Washington brings a traveler to Maryhill – named after his wife Mary, and his daughter Mary.

He did a Stonehenge replica … see that in a previous post … and this mansion.  He died before it was completed, and it is now Maryhill museum … on about 26 acres of view property.  Nice.

A little bigger than the truck camper …
… but the view is the same.
Nice front yard though.

The museum has just completed a new wing … kinda interesting.  Read about it here.

Great patio to while away some time.

This is pretty much out-of-the-way … but if you’re camping through the area, make sure to stop.  There’s a huge parking lot for RV’s, picnic tables, and lots of trees for shade.  Instructive walking paths and incomparable views.  And if you’re into the artsy thing – well, this is the place for you!

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