A Couple of Eagles (Eagle Caps, that is) for You

It’s off to the RV show … with a few TC’s I haven’t seen up close.  Eagle Cap, made in Yakima – just down the street from us, showed the 950 and 1160 models.  That translates to a 9’6″ model and a 11 footer.  They weigh in at 3294 and 4298 lbs respectively, and they are beauties!

Ready for winter … ready for summer

R-17 on top, R-22 underneath, and R-11 in the walls qualifies them for living in Washington!  We get snow here!!!  And, we get 90+ heat – so proper insulation is good news indeed.

Sliding door on the wet bath
Pass-through window under a fold-down counter extension – Nice!

Now I’m sure ya’all know that Eagle Caps have that one piece fiberglass front and rear cap – to keep the elements at bay throughout the life of the TC.  Did ya know they have this unique basement tray – 6′ long.  Skis maybe?  Hunting equipment?  The 950 also is a slide-out model … with dinettes either U-shaped or with “Dream Dinette” feature – that is, without the legs.  With a flip of a lever, it easily converts to the bed position.  Nice.  Heat is ducted to the bathroom also – good for those cold mornings!

If lots and lots of room (that is, LOTS and lots of room) is your passion … then check out this baby: the 1160 model.  Yup, it’s a side entry camper.

Slide out in the rear … also on the other side!

This model is an “above-the-floor” design … that is, the floor of the camper is above the railing of the truck.

A view of the rear slide out … with sofa

This rear sofa makes into a bed too.  And, so does the dinette.  All of this without encroaching on the massive floor space.  But wait, there’s more.

Yes … it’s a dry bath!

No, this isn’t a picture of a class A rig – it’s a truck camper.  One you can park in the city, maneuver in the parking lot, and still sleep 6 comfortably.

Better than home.

Imagine waking up in the backwoods in this cozy bedroom … maybe to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing … or bacon sizzling.  Hmmmm – I could do that.

It’s big … but with lots of outside access panels

Yes, they do make an even bigger model – it’s the 1165, and it has an island sink in the kitchen area.  Three slide outs.

Well, I’ve sure enjoyed living in these Eagle Caps for a few hours.  They’ve got lots more to say about themselves at their site, here.  I can only say that these are high quality, well thought out and nicely executed campers.

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