… but I have promises to keep …

The trouble with schedules is that they’re so … well, so scheduled.  After enjoying San Francisco, we’re going to have to head north without meandering.  We have promises to keep, after all.

Up I5, turn onto Highway 97, and enjoy the trip.  US97 is a two lane road, with lots of truck traffic.  Too slow for some (if you’re in a big hurry), but just right for a traveling TC.  You can stay up to 8 hours at the rest stops … they’re comfy, beautiful, and well kept.  We stopped among the big trucks at Grass Lake Rest Area – see for yourself.

Among the big trucks at Grass Lake Rest Area
Grass Lake indeed. Beautiful … peaceful!

We’ve been this way before … some pictures here, at North by Northwest … and we pass up to the High Desert, about 3,000 feet up.

Lotsa sagebrush. You can see a long way too.

In the High Desert is the ghost town of Shaniko.  In the early 1900’s, it was thriving – sheep and cattle ranches, wool and wheat galore, and a railroad hub.  But, the railroad found other, better routes, and Shaniko shrunk.  In the summer they have “Shaniko Days” and a “Ragtime Music Festival” … both a great delight for tourists.

A bank … what other facilities do ya need?
Oh yes, that too …
Keep out of trouble …for sure!

After Shaniko, the peace of the farms reign.

Wheat is still king.

And a new breed of farming is present …

Look close … 100’s and 100’s of wind generators.

This is great country … lots of places for a TC to overnight … and the weather this time of year is the best!

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