con te partiro …

Work is done … commitments have been fulfilled … and it’s time to say goodbye, yet again.  But before we leave, there might be time for some local pizza … this time at “Escape From New York”.  It’s a hole in the wall kinda place, serving whole pies as well as pizza by the slice.  Originally put together by a group of friends – one who had actually escaped from New York – they now have 6 stores in the city serving thin crust, goooood pizza.  There were three of us, and we got a large that was half cheese and half Big Applewood Chicken.  You know what was on the cheese side … but the other part had bbq chicken, applewood bacon, fresh tomato on top of cheddar and smokey bbq sauce.  It was big … and now it’s gone.  Yum.

We went to the Mission store … sit outside or in …
Big pies, get a slice …

After talking, eating, talking and talking … and a small nap … it is indeed time to say goodbye.  With a truck camper, it is so easy to drive around and take a last look at the sights.  We spent the evening at Lincoln Park …

… at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor …

… at Lands End.  Perhaps the most beautiful setting for an evening of remembrances, this building is a replica of the Palais de la Legion d’Honneur in Paris.  This one is nicer, simply because it has American plumbing!  And, parking here with a TC and a cup of hot tea … well, it’s nice to say the least.

The Golden Gate in the evening

Just a few steps away is a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate bridge … alive with light and activity.  Great city.  Goodnight.  Oh … don’t park here though!

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