Circle the Wagons – SF Style

This is the West, after all.  So, when they circle the wagons in San Francisco, something must be going on.

So — if you’re in a TC, just camp out down by Crissy Field or Marina Green, then head over to Fort Mason (Friday nights only).  The food trucks are circling …

It’s a sign that something is going on …

Tonto … the wagons are circling.  What can it mean?

They’re lining up …
… and forming a big circle …

… and the crowds are rushing to them.  Indian food … Vietnamese … Korean … Curry … Burgers … Pork Belly sandwiches … Flan  … Cupcakes … oh, and much, much more.  Inside the circle, and on the edges are tents serving and cooking.  And indeed, the natives are restless!

The barbie is fired up, and chicken is on the menu boys!
the tents are serving up their wares …

Find something tasty, grab a chair, and relax … off the grid, of course.  We chose wisely … Bombzies BBQ (pictured above, BBQing chicken) serving Vietnamese BBQ; then Alicia’s Tamales (we got chicken again) – stuffed with love.

A little rice, a LOT of chicken, a little kimchi on top …

Vietnamese chicken BBQ was $9 (it was more than enough for 2); Alicia’s Tamale was $3.50 … and was maybe the best ever.  Homemade … made with love … and soooo good I ate it before I could snap a picture.

More trucks inside the circle.

A band started playing while everyone mingled and asked each other: “where did you get that?”  It was good fun … crowded, tasty, and a perfect way to end a work week.  If you’re ever camping down SF way on a Friday, the “circling of the wagons” goes from 5:00 to 10:00 at Fort Mason – don’t miss this.

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