A SF lunch … or is it An SF lunch?

Gotta visit clients downtown … and there’s time for a spot of lunch before heading back to the TC for another great night in SF.

Downtown Chinatown sounds good …

… and a won ton house sounds good.  These noodle houses are open early and stay open late too.  Very quick, cheerful and cheap … the food is good, steaming hot, and you can hang out and chat the time away.  We went to an old favorite on Kearny Street, just a couple of blocks from the buzzing financial district.

This has been here for many years – unchanged

Our choice was beef stew with wun-tun … about $5.  Tea comes with, and a side of veggies hit the spot.  Noodles cooked on the spot and served up before the tea cooled enough to take a sip.  That’s service!

Dig in … steaming hot and delicious!

Full indeed … and in time to waddle back to the bus system before the transfer expires.  As we’ve noted before, always get a transfer when riding the bus – it’s usually good for a few hours.  But, we got ambushed!

Right in between us and the station is a food truck … one I’ve been looking for.

Yes it is … it’s “Cheese Gone Wild”

Here we are – full to the gills – and here is “Cheese Gone Wild”.  Maybe they’ve got something sweet, you know, like dessert.

The variety of food trucks in large cities is amazing

They have a New Orleans bread pudding, brioche with a caramel butter, topped with heavy whipped cream and a dusting of Korinje cinnamon.  It was big.  It was good.  And now it’s gone.  Yum.

We missed the bus connection by a few minutes – it was worth it.  It’s just good to be heading for home (in the truck camper) to give the ole tummy a rest.

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