The Best …

We start today with something of interest to Chevy truck owners … specifically about the last generation of Chevy trucks that have ‘issues’ with the instrument cluster.  While we love our trucks, the instrument cluster was not designed with longevity in mind – the little motors that drive the gauges just don’t last!  In our case, the speedo and oil pressure gauges sometimes stop working.  Frustrating … but not fatal … the Silverado blogs all talk about this problem.

Well, this is a $500-600 fix at the dealer.  But, we were alerted to a certified speedometer repair dealer just up the road from where we’re working – in the San Francisco Bay Area.    They replace all the little stepper motors, check and repair the circuit boards, and give it back to you in an hour.  Yes, an hour.  Or, overnight if you send it in.  Total?  $169.  You calculate the savings.

And it’s guaranteed for life.  This is todays “Best of”.  It’s Speed O Tach, Inc; at 4090 Pike Lane in Concord CA, 94520.  Phone them at 800-442-4491.  We got the tip from my brother, who works with an auto repair shop in SF. All their speedo stuff goes there – as does most of the speedo stuff from other dealers in the West.  This is dealer price!  Sweet.

Speaking of sweet, we have to do something while we wait – and here’s the second “Best of” for the day.

It’s TRUE …

On the corner of East St. and Concord Blvd. sits a little house, with absolutely amazing, fresh donuts.  Sit inside, or sit outside and watch the world go by!

Those are FULL size plates!

We whiled away the hour (waiting for our instrument cluster) with a HUGE (yes, I’m yelling) maple bar and a similarly giant-sized cinnamon twist – hot and fresh!  A great big cup of tea (for two).  Across the way was a Starbucks – I don’t know why anyone would go there!

There was an exercise class running around the block – 30 or 40 ladies working off a few pounds – but the donuts were so good, we didn’t feel at all guilty.  Anyway, we’re done with a great morning cuppa and a truck repair and headed back to SF long before noon.

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