Sympatico = Natcoa

It’s been “nose to the grindstone” and all that … but we’ve just had an escape from the mid-summer work!  Got a chance to breakfast with some other TC’ers at Spokane, in the Sportsman Cafe.  Ahhh … time to relax, talk about the important things (like our campers, travels, and those things).  We had TC’ers from Surrey BC, Twisp WA, and some from the Spokane area – all members of the North American Truck Campers Owners Association (NATCOA).  If ya’all have a TC, you’ve gotta join this!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera … so I only got a few cell-phone shots:

Takin’ the dog for a walk after breakfast …


XNORP was hiding …
… a breakfast pause …
… then on to the food …

We’re looking forward to the “Fall Colors Rally” coming up in the fall (of course) … travelling over the northern Cascades.  Lots of discussion over breakfast, then it was off to the ballgame for 85Bigfoot.  Gotta love the TC life!

… and a few verses of “Take me out to the ball game” …


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