Back to the Barn …

Got appointments … and even though we’re ready to remain on the trail, we head back to the barn.  Travelling through Montana is a temptation that may be too much to bear – dazzling visages, uncrowded camping, delicious food … and as they say, much more.

No Dorothy, it’s not heaven … just Montana

And we can never pass by Three Forks, and the Montana Wheat Deli.  Fresh and big breads, sandwiches … and of course, cinnamon rolls of every kind.  For tomorrow morning, naturally!


A must stop for Washingtonians … Montana Wheat breads are hard to find there.

Soon it’ll be time to turn south, up to the Wise River area in the Beaverhead National Forest.  Uncrowded, beautiful, quiet … everything a camp should be … recommended by our friends Don ‘n Deb.

A camp by the brook …
… that’s hidden in the trees …
… with a cinnamon roll breakfast.

Here we are again, in an office with a view.  The TC life is hard – but someone has to do it.

Later the next day we can wander deeper into the canyon, until we get to the homesteader sites of old.  These people came and worked, worked and worked to make the land yield.  They fought huge and hungry droves of insects … in a land where sickness meant death.  By the time you went downstream to find a doctor, and returned, death had usually harvested.  Not a life for the weak!

This is Montana!

Following is my favorite Montana animal, spotted deep in the Pioneer Mountains … start up the BBQ’s, boys!

Just waitin’ for something to happen …

Coming out the other end of the valley, then heading back north, we visited the Big Hole National Battlefield … a sad tale of the Nez Perce.

Beautiful area with a sad history …

The roads are empty … the scenery fantastic … and it’s summer.  Time could stop, and we could live here!  Next camp is at our “secret spot” … where the creek runs into the river.

Strong signal, amazing view

Tomorrow it’s goodbye Montana, back to fulfill appointments, and get ready to travel some more.  Thank You Lord for the life You promised – the abundant life!

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