North by NorthWest

Gotta take a break from work … maybe to the peaceful climes in Canada!

There’s nothing like the West … uncrowded!

The support calls have slowed to a crawl, summer is winding to a close, and the fields have been harvested.  It just feels like “break-time” …

The rolling hills have been clipped …

… and the “office” is on the move.

Hmmmm … left or right?

The Okanagan Valley is overflowing with fresh fruit – let’s go there.  So, off through the hills toward Grand Coulee, then up North to Beautiful Bristish Columbia.

Approaching the dam from Lake Roosevelt … a beautiful lake in the Inland Northwest

Grand Coulee Dam is one of the biggest producers of electricity in the US, and an awesome sight to behold even on this overcast day.

When you crank up the heat, or turn on the AC … think of Grand Coulee.

Continuing up the highway we eventually pass through orchards and farmlands that keep us fed.  Nice.  This day, however, we were inundated with thunderstorms … so not a lot of pics.  After the border crossing, in the rain, it is still a must to stop at the fruit stands – fresh fruits and veggies ripe off the plants.  Oh my … the peaches were juicy and sweet … and the nectarines … well, imagine perfection!

The road goes up the west side of the Okanagan Lake through orchards and gardens … many being replaced by budding vineyards.  Soon there’ll be no food, but with enough of the local plonk maybe nobody will care.  Travelling north … the sun reappears, and voila:

Naramata in the distance … not easily reached!

Beautiful BC comes to light!

You cannot see this any ol’ place!

Unfortunately every Provincial campground was full!  At some, you could pay the full rate and camp in the parking lot … not an attractive opportunity.  These Canadians love to camp!  We headed for Wally’s campground in Westbank … which was filling up with other boondocking TC’s, 5ers and trailers.  This is a GREAT Walmart … and a great place to shop!  Lots of restaurants withing walking distance, and other shops too.  We spread our gold among several.

The next day we drove through the valleys and over the hills … checking out the farming communities, and just relaxing.  Gotta love the north country!

Yup … we could live here!

Need signal to do work?  There are MacDonalds with fast wifi everywhere … or stop at a Second Cup for a pastry and a cuppa, and of course, great wifi.  Peaceful climes indeed!

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