Bad, Bad … very Badlands

Leaving Mount Rushmore, we headed off east.

Mid summer and the roads are uncrowded …

You cannot miss the constant barrage of invitations to Wall Drug while on the way to South Dakota’s Badlands.  Despite a relatively high resistance to such invites, we succumbed and ended up taking a peek.

Here it is …

Interesting it was.  The weather remained scorching outside … and soon the landscape withered.  Here are the Badlands of South Dakota.  It’s not a place to be stranded!

It’s starting to look bleak …
… and it gets worse …

Now here’s a place an old cowboy could hide … who would search for you in this heat?

Maybe bleak, but beautiful as well.
I’m getting thirsty …
Might have to fight off a few creatures, but at least a fella can get a drink here!

Fortunately were in a TC, not on horseback.  Just open the freezer for a few ice cubes and look out the window.  Ahhhh … an office with a view, again.

A view and cold drinks too!
No sneaking up on anyone here …
… ya can see for miles and miles.

In the old West, this might have been a great place to hide – but cooking hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter.  Very bad lands indeed.  Keep on movin’ though, and the landscape changes.

Eventually this stark beauty all comes to an end …
… and the grasses reappear.
… and the local wildlife comes out to play.

Stark yet stunning … crushing heat yet colorful beauty.  Don’t miss this!

We’re heading back to Gillette for a free night at Wally’s … a cool evening breeze … and fresh bagels at “The Main.”  Goodnight.

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