Got to Rush More (Rushmore, that is …)

We are in the sightseeing mode … which means less relaxing and more driving.  Sometimes it’s the season for rushing about … and we’re in an area with sooo much to see.  From Devils Tower to Mount Rushmore is only a couple of hours leisurly driving through wondrous country.  We’re now in the Black Hills:

Why do they call it the Black Hills? Click to read the answer …
America the beautiful everywhere you look …

On the way to Mount Rushmore, you pass through the town of Custer … lots of color, lots of shops …

Rich colors …
… shopping opportunities.

… and you pass by the Crazy Horse Memorial, a work still in progress.  This is South Dakota now … and the feel is different than Wyoming.

Late afternoon shot … an imposing display!

From a photographers perspective, photos don’t have much depth as the sun has settled behind the mountain.  However, there is a 9PM lighting of the monument coupled with a great program in the outdoor amphitheater – don’t miss this!  There is also a grand museum that tells the story in great detail.

A little detail about the sculptor – click to see it larger.

National Forest campgrounds are all around … we took lakeside camping spot at the Black Hills National Forest Horsethief Lake campround.  Two miles from Mount Rushmore … great lake … simply amazing camp hosts!  This IS a find!!  No hookups, but plenty of water.  And, YES we came back for the 9PM show – awesome!!

There is 5-bar cell signal here … so in the morning we visited again.  Much better light for photos.  A great place to do work.  And, as always, a magnificent view!  We worked several hours here.  TC’s have a special parking area (for small RVs) … and there are a couple of spots (in the second lot) that have lots of room for folding chairs … and a private outdoor lunch.  Does it get any better than that??

Early morning light!
Breathtaking accomplishment …
… and stunning detail.

In the morning there are few visitors.  The rocks surrounding the area are full of sparkles.  Everything is fresh.  This National Monument should be on everyones bucket list – it is uplifting as well as a radiant reflection of what America was and could be again.

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