Through High Hills and Crimson Canyons

Wakee wakee … gotta climb over 9500 feet and catch up to the cyclists if we can!  Open the door, enjoy a cuppa and a light fruit breakfast, and thank the Lord for another day!

Another amazing morning at the office … crisp breeze under the bright sunlight.

An ATV and a couple of 4x trucks are on the road too … and soon we pass from the state park into Shoshone National forest.  Everywhere there are campgrounds.

Looking down at the first set of switchbacks …

… on up to the first ridge.

Looks like a big mushroom rock up there …

But as we got there, the view back was very gratifying!

Yay … we (that is, the truck) cruised on up the switchbacks with ease!

That’s the mushroom rock on the right … kinda cool.

Had a hitchhicker …

Lots of butterflys … no mosquitos.  Nice.  Pavement ends here … it’s rockin’ and rollin’ on the backroads for a long while.

Looking ahead …

A couple of vehicles heading back down … but it’s forward for us.  Got to find that lake at 9500 feet!

Yes, it’s the top!

We tried a couple of the trails … and the truck was OK, but the camper a little too wide to fit between the trees.  So, just a couple of hundred feet is a meadow with space to pull out.  Oh, we could camp here for weeks (and it’s within 30′ of the road).

The road at the top …
… and a place to stay.

Had an early lunch, kicked back for a bit, and just listened … ahhhhh.  Time flies though, and we gotta check out the Fiddlers Lake …

At 9500′, with campsites galore … over half empty.

Fiddlers Lake even had a boat launching area.  Noticed a few 5ers – how in the world did they get here?  Well, as we continued on, the road down (on the “other” side) is wider with fewer tight turns.  Aha, thinks I, they came up that way.  We continue down (past Louis Lake and lots of creeks), meeting up with the highway and pavement again.  Then, just a few miles down the road we spot this:

Just in front of another narrow dirt road leading down.
The highway goes across the top of the canyon … the dirt road goes under the canyon.

Already late, the deep red of the cliffs beckons, and down we go.

Red rocks on the right, green valley in the middle, storm on the left …
Red cliffs, red road, red dust – everywhere.
Big rocks … maybe we won’t stay on the side of the road here …
Amazing reds …
… and at the end of the canyon, a mix of colors.

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