Of Sinks and Rises … and the Popo Agie (puh-pashu to you)

Following the advice of Jay Nolde, we drove the 6 mile up to Sinks Canyon State Park.  It was everything Jay said – and more!  Right next to town on the Popo Agie River (that’s pronounced puh-pashu by the locals).  Huge Rainbow trout, and the Sinks.

Now the Popo Agie River comes crashing down the canyon ….

No shortage of fast water here …

then, suddenly, it take a sharp turn and …

Now you see it … now you don’t …

gulp!  It’s gone.  Cavers and divers have tried to see what’s inside the caverns, but to no avail (because of the logs, rocks, and very small openings that they cannot get past).  Hmmm.  But, 1/4 mile away is something called “The Rise”.  Here, water just calmly forms a grand pool, and out of that pool comes a river.  Some years ago, to test any connection, dye was put into the sinks.  Indeed, 2 hours later, up came the dye in the Rise.  But … much more water comes out of the Rise than disappears into the Sink.  So, the mystery is yet unsolved – what takes the water so long to travel 1/4 mile, and where does the extra water come from?  So … ponder that while camping on the edge of the river!

Campsites right at the edge … readily available …
Get those toes in the water to cool off!

This is a Wyoming State campground (actually there’s a couple of them) … and they were virtually empty.  Sit by (or in) the cool water in the heat of the day.  Well, as the evening approaches it’s time to get some desk work done … here we are, yet again, in an office with a view!

River view from one side of the desk …


… rainbow from the other side.


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