The Lander Adventure

No pics here … just an amazing story!  In Lander, we thought of investigating an area called the Sinks.  After visiting for a few minutes with our friends, off we went … only to hear a scraping noise while driving down the road.  Oh oh … one of the truck camper jacks had let loose … it was dragging on the road.  Yes, it’s 100 degrees outside, and the jack is dragging … had pulled the screws loose from the camper … enough to jar the miniblinds off inside the unit.  Phooey indeed.

Well, we fix up what we can, and go looking for a hardware store to get some washers to hold the unit together.  The bracket that is the safety device (this is a 1985 camper) is bent (evidently someone in a parking lot had backed into it previously, bending it a little).  Washers might get things back at the proper angle so that the bracket can do its job.

Traffic in Lander is a little busy, and as we lumber along looking for a store, we stumble into the wrong lane – a turn lane.  Traffic on both sides forces us on a side road … funny how things seem to get complicated when there’s a little stress in our lives.

Behold, however, right at the end of the road is a lumber yard.  Voila … they’ll have washers!  And they do … so seemingly everything is bright again, as I attempt to fix the problem.  But … the washers will not correct the angle enough – so I head back in to ask if there’s a machine shop nearby to actually bend the steel bracket properly.

Hmmm … the proprietor says to try a small engine repair shop, that just happens to be two blocks away.  So, off we go again.  Sure enough, in the back of an older building, behind a sliding barn-sized door, is Jay’s Small Engine Repair.  Two guys are working away, but they both interrupt what they’re doing to see what the problem is.

“Sure, we can straighten that” says Jay Nolde … and he does!  “Looks like the bracket from an old camper,” he notes … and he walks out to check out the problem.  Meanwhile other people are coming in to pick up their repaired items … but the guys handle everything with ease.  They also check out the screws that were pulled out from the camper …and fix them too, along with advice to replace them later with larger screws (because they’re partially stripped) and seal it up well.

“So where ya off to?”  The Sinks, we reply.  Now we get the best advice yet … camp out up there.  Feed the trout – the BIG trout (and yes, they were enormous!) .   Thanks, says I, so what do I owe?  “Just have a good day,” says Jay as he heads back inside.

What a find.  What a coincidence.  What great guys to drop everything and help a visitor.  Well, I’m too old to believe in coincidences … and I’m thankful that God directs fools!  And, I’m getting to realize that we’re given a choice on whether to accept the direction … or not.  As for me and my house, I’m ready to accept the direction and correction!  Can I get an ‘Amen’ on that?

If you’re ever in Lander and you need some mechanical help – go to Jay’s Small Engine Repair.  It’s at 336 Lincoln, Lander WY 82520 … at (307) 332-6515.  They’ll take care of you, I guarantee it!

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