Miles to go before I sleep …

It’s another western morning … and the cyclists are already on the road.  We’ve been admiring the Phoenix popup, but now it’s time to do a little work.

Don’t ya wish this was the view from your office?
Any side road is a magnet for a truck camper …

Wyoming is often such a stunning vision of reds, blues, greens … of burning sun, cool rivers … of hard work, and the fruit of labor.  This world is no accident (because we’ve all seen accidents – and they’re nuthin’ like this!!)

Sean, Darcy and Darren recovering … and the amazing Nancy who makes everything possible!

As you can see, we caught up with the crew … but we missed lunch because of our wandering.  Rest stops in Wyoming are among the best … clean and well kept, with stone construction that keeps things cooler … picnic tables under stone shelters … playing areas for the kids.  Here we met up with Molly (and later, her brother Skip) who are also cycling across the US.

Molly joined the crew for lunch …

Molly and Skip are doing the whole route (Oregon to Virginia) this summer … catch up with them here.

Molly’s rig was specially made by her husband for this trip!
Miles to go before I sleep …

Don’t let this oasis fool you … the Wyoming landscape is hot and dry.  We made a few stops (at high places, where the Verizon signal was strong) to answer calls and make some software changes.

Hot, dry … but clear signal. Yay!

We passed a sign that indicated the gravesite of Sacagawea … and off we went to search.  As well, we passed the site of the great Chief Washakie.  History buffs could camp here for weeks!

For this trip, we have promises to keep … and off to the city of Lander we went to catch up with our cyclists again.

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