A Phoenix Popup – beautiful

As we sat with our cyclists, my eyes spotted a beautiful sight, not often seen except in the wild – a Phoenix popup.  But, here we were, visiting at KOA in Dubois, and this one was close enough to touch.

A beautiful unit … looks new!

In the middle of Wyoming, we met Jeff Buck and his wife Bobbi, from California.  They had just picked up this custom unit 2 days ago from Colorado!  Jeff had researched all of the popups available, and he had some very specific modifications he required.  Jeff goes off-road, hunts, and does some photography.  One item he desired was a very large opening in the roof … so that he could do some spotting while in the comfort of home, and from an elevated position.

Jeff opened up his home so that we can all see …

Jeff contacted Cari and Robby Rowe at Phoenix, and they were happy to accomodate him.  The opening they wanted fit exactly between the roof supports.

This is HUGE … imagine taking photos with the hatch open!

They also got the front “cap”, special cabinetry and countertop … very, very nicely done!  Jeff was pretty particular about the features that were important to them … and they both said that dealing with Cari and Rob was a dream.  We also got to see the popup going up and down, as the Bucks were in and out of the campground – an extremely quick and painless process.

Beautiful fit and finish …

Oh, the floors were bamboo too … pictures can’t capture how nice this TC is!

The cap … aerodynamics for a better ride and mileage …

Jeff said he couldn’t even feel the camper on his truck … and his mileage changed not a whit.  Nice.

Giant LED’s (one on each side) can light up the world when backing up in the dark.

Lots of custom features … tailored just for theirs needs.  Jeff too keeps track of his business while on the road … but with this TC, he’s ready to go on a moments notice!

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