Off to Dubois (not doob-wah)

Our intrepid cyclists are on the road, and in for some serious climbing.  Not only are the roads under construction (meaning a lot of gravel, and some narrow spots), but they’re going over the Continental Divide (again), this time at 9800 feet!  We’re the backup SAG (support and gear) … which enables us to take a side trip here and there.

It’s uphill … but the view is spectacular!
Oh oh … side trip.

Close to the summit, we are tempted to investigate.  The sign says National Forest Campground … Brooks Lake 5.5 miles, over a gravel bumpy road!  But on looking ahead, the lake must be up against those crags.  This is a must see, says we.

Well, here’s a campground … and it’s amazing … but no lake.

Hmmm.  We continue on, tho the road gets a little tighter.

Ahhh … here it is. An double amazing campground!!

The lake is available for swimming, boating, or just viewing.  There are meadows to hike in.  And the view from any angle is breathtaking.

Meadows for miles …

Very few campers … and we’re tempted mightely to stay here, maybe forever.  However … we all know about temptation … so off we go.

Back on the highway, the color changes.

We catch up to our riders at the little town of Dubois.  Kinda cute in many ways … old west shops, and … our favorite animal.

The amazing, multi faceted and tame – Jackelope.

Inside the shop is a full sized stuffed Jackelope – seen only in movies until now.  Maybe seen only around Dubois, do ya think?

Well, aside from this … inside is a selection of huge, fresh chocolates – made locally.  We selected a milk chocolate cashew cluster (they’ll have these in heaven, I hope) and a milk chocolate caramel cashew goodie.  Not expensive, but very, very good.  Do NOT miss this.  Unfortunately, no pictures – they disappeared too fast.

Lights out … goodnight Wyoming.

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