Up early with time for a side trip to Jackson.

Grand Teton, Middle Teton and South Teton. This is the view from the office this morning.

Most of our office work this morning is phone consultation … to there’s a little time to explore.  The cyclists are off – climbing mountains in the cool of the morning.

Antler arches … 4 of them, at the entrances to the central plaza.
Maybe this is the precursor of the truck camper???
Across from the Elk Refuge is an amazing Museum of Wildlife Art … not to be missed!

It’s still early … and the local 20 somethings are breakfasting here …

A crowd at a place to eat is a good sign …

But somehow, even with the crowd, it’s not exactly what we’re looking for.  But … on the other side of the plaza we find a GREAT bakery … named “e.leaven”

This is a MUST stop in Jackson!
Just out of the oven … smoked ham and swiss croissant … eat ’em here, or take ’em to go!

Also spinach and feta, turkey and provalone … all just out of the oven.  BIG, perfect flavors, and a mere $3.95.  Oh, don’t pass this up!

Fresh desserts too …

Yup – we took them to go.  The croissants were huge … and coupled with a lemon meringue, we were filled.  Total around $12 with tax for two – good stuff.


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