Catching up with the cyclists

Yesterdays travels got us close to West Yellowstone … to the River View National Forest campground.  Gotta love the beauty and availability of the National Forest campsites.

6 am and this is the view from the office.

And, for those that work, there’s a hidden cell tower just across the river.  For us, it’s Sunday – time for some early morning thankfulness, time to check on customer data transmissions for the weekend, then its off to try and catch our cycling team!

It’s the weekend, and traffic is indeed a nightmare.  Crowds, 5 mph traffic – we just quickly passed through the park on our way south.

Lewis Falls … uncrowded and close to the roadside!

Soon after exiting the parks’ South entrance, we’re in Grand Teton country.

The first view of the Tetons …

We hope to catch up with the ‘crew’ in Jackson … but we have just enough time to check out another recommended National Forest campsite.

Buffalo off of Antelope Flat Road

And, as all the locals know – if you want a close up of buffalo, take a side trip on Antelope Flat Road.  Huge herds … and lots of calves too.

We’re going heading for some rough roads to the Atherton Creek campsite … supposedly right on the Lower Slide Lake.  Great road for a truck camper … narrow dirt road, potholes, washboard … all fun!

Oh my … stunning … peaceful … and empty! Lake-site spots, or back in the trees – your choice.

This site is just as reported!  Perhaps we’ll be back later – but now it’s time to meet up with the cyclists.

Done for the day … packed up to head to the campground.

At their campground, by Moran Junction, it was time to catch up with friends … talk, eat, relax, eat … and eat.  Thank You Lord – life IS good!  Oh, we ate too!

Pulled BBQ pork, tender, succulent, and plentiful! Crispy whole grain bread for underneath. Ahhhhh.

Gotta fuel up those cyclists …

Greens from the garden … arugula, spinach, lettuces … and homemade dressing too.

… and the support crew.  The support crew really consists of Nancy – driver, cook and cleanup, camp setup and tear-down, and help for cyclists in need.  Without support … well, this wouldn’t be happening!

Sundown in the Tetons … end of a beautiful day.

Just up the street is another National Forest camp (Hatchet campsite) … and we’re way too full to negotiate the road back at Atherton Creek.  Hatchet is nestled right off the road, surrounded by trees.  At $5, it hits all the right spots.  Good night all, the guys on their bikes will be on the road early!

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