Bikes across America Redux

Glacier was awesome (a few days ago) … but we had to return to the office for appointments.  Now it’s a new week, and the pull of Montana and Wyoming is strong.  We’re off to meet up with some intrepid bicyclists who are going from coast to coast on their bikes, one leg at a time, one week at a time per year.  I remembered last year’s tour just a couple of months ago (May 16, 17), and wrote about it then.

Now it’s time to catch up with our friends … they’ve already started the ride at West Yellowstone.

After crossing the Continental Divide, it’s down the solitary roads of Montana
The view from here is amazing …
The snow fences are ready for winter …

Then it’s down to Ennis – mecca for flyfishermen and women.  The hour is getting late, but the town is packed with vacationers.

There are several copper sculptures … this of a fisherman and his catch

Continuing on to the National Forest campgrounds, the view from every angle is stunning.

Is Montana well designed, or what?

Well, we just got to the National forest, Riverview campground … lots of empty spaces, and only $6 with your national pass.  Yay!

Just below us is the Madison River, with fishermen and women out in their waders, fighting the insects for that catch of the day.  An amazing demonstration of tenacity!  For us, it’s time to connect with customer sites, review emails, and publish too.  All of this with the sound of the river below (oh, those darn noisy rivers), and watch the moon over the mountains.

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